Make your day on set a bit more easy: book your teleprompter and your teleprompter operator here at MGL-Videoservices in Vienna.

– A teleprompter helps your host to present long speeches fluently and without the need of learning the text by heart.
– It keeps the timetable on track and beware’s the production of bad or not prepared presenters.
– Helps to keep the exact wording; Take by take; Word by word;

Videos are available in German only!

Rental Cost for Camera-Teleprompter per day: (excl. tax)
All teleprompter sets include at least one prompter, one notebook incl. software, controller, cables,….)
– one teleprompter: 130 EURO,- / day
– two teleprompters: 230 EURO,- / day
– three teleprompters: 330 EURO,- / day

Our equipment is in perfect condition. We’ve got three teleprompters for video recording.  They have been in use for nearly all Austrian television stations and many independent video production companies from Europe, Canada and the U.S.. Our flexible system works with any camera, from DSLR to big tv camcorders. Only the tripod must be able to carry the weight of the camera + the weight of the teleprompter (6kg or 13 pounds)! Smaller cameras like DSLRs do need some extra weights for counterbalance.

Setting up the hardware takes about 1 hour. 1,5 to 2 hours should be planned for a first-time setup.

Check out our testest studio facilities page!


All kinds of text files can be imported and converted. The easiest way during the production workflow is if the script is prepared as a clean *txt file without any formatting of the text.

*… can be used as markers. Jumping from one * to another helps to save time during production.
For example: if you have different topics; set a * at the beginning of each headline. This allows you to jump from one headline to another, by pressing only one button!

Shorten up „veryloooooongwords“, by adding a „- “ –>>> „verylong- words“.
The “ “ splits up the word in a new row if needed.

USE BIG LETTERS: for complex words, write them as you would speak them if the host isn’t familiar with the vocabulary.

Please call us, if you have any other questions!


NEW: Speechprompter Rental Vienna!!
/ day (incl. one set of two pieces of prompters,
notebook, software, cables, signal splitters, excl. tax)

It does not include tax and parking fees.
Foreign companies: please pay cash on the day of production. There is a deposit. Id-card or passport is required.

Operator Service for Speechprompters and Camera-Teleprompters: (excl. tax and parking fees)

370,- (up to 2,5 hours, incl. delivery, mounting- and demounting time)
450,- (up to 8 hours, incl. delivery, mounting- and demounting time)
Extra-Hours: 60,- / h
Transfer Vienna: 35,- (roundtrip), parking is not included.

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