Welcome to MGL Videoproductions. Your partner for videolivestreaming an on-demand video in vienna.

10397199_1606754489553771_128457742466244654_oWe are offering following plans:

  • livestreaming, encoding, transcoding of your sd or hd program
  • one camera livestreaming
  • multicamera liveproductions as well as
  • graphic design and animations for an individual look and ci of your stream
  • audio and light for your event


Livestreaming, encoding, transcoding of your sd or hd program

We’re taking your mixed audio/video signal from your production truck or videoswitcher and stream it to the world. Depending on the infrastructure of the location we send the livestream by broadband, glass/fiber or lte mobile to our cdn – the content delivery network. The signal get’s transcoded, so everyone can watch your program, no matter what device (android, ios or windows) and what kind of internet connection your audience has.


One camera livestreaming

Ready to go! This is the perfect plan for press converences and cooperate web tv. The operator will be at set, providing the camera, microphones and the streaming encoder and the modem for lte, if no broadband existing; All you have got to do is to insert the livestream embedding code into the webpage, that you want to put the stream. Additional we can put inserts and signation into the video.

Pic (only video), Pic (video cornerbug insert)

Multicamera liveproductions

ptz_kamerasThis can start f.e. with a manned camera and a static one, and can get bigger and bigger until your livestream looks like a big tv production with several cameras. We can also set the video for the videowall, and if you have prerecorded videos to show, we can also do that!

Please call for futher informations.